What makes Cargofeeder different from other webpages?
You receive offers and prices directly from Cargo charter operators, handling companies, MROs and event organizers without any hidden commissions, additional costs or membership fees. Secondly, the first offers reach you within few hours. Thirdly, you communicate with operators directly.
Does this really work or am I wasting my time?
Online is the way to go in the 21st century.  Trying to contact air Cargo providers individually is wasting your time.  This is the quick and easy way to ensure you get the best quote for your job through a choice of many transport providers.  There are no annoying phone calls, it is all done online.
Can I trust the air Cargo service provider?  Will they be reliable?
Cargofeeder uses a feedback-rating system like eBay, you can look at the positive, neutral or negative ratings given by customers of the transport providers who are quoting. You should also look at the Profiles of the Provider to find out more about their business, like size and insurance levels.  You can also ask them more questions on the messaging system should you feel it necessary. 
How Cargofeeder is able to offer services without any additional commission?
The Cargofeeder team has developed a brand new business model in the Cargo industry, which is based on exclusion of any costs for Cargo solution search on the part of the client. Conversely, we offer operators to use the Cargofeeder system for a small fixed monthly fee, which is not connected with the amount of customer they gain. More than 100 operators use the system, so Cargofeeder has no need to include any commissions in the cost.
What do I need to use the Cargofeeder system?
In order to start using the system and send your cargo search request you need to complete a short registration procedure. We kindly ask you to specify your contact details, so that the Operator could contact you after service confirmation. Cargofeeder does not charge any commissions or membership fees; the system is totally free for the clients.
What is an empty-leg (one-way)?
An empty-leg is a trip that the aircraft makes without having scheduled cargo for it, such as when the aircraft must return to its base after a trip. Empty-legs are, by definition, one-way trips and they can be booked at a lower cost – but they do not offer the same flexibility as a regular charter trip that is fully based on your own scheduling needs.
Are there trip cancellation fees?
Yes. If you cancel your charter flight very close to the scheduled departure you will incur fees. You will be made aware of the trip cancellation policy before you book your Cargo charter flight.
How safe is a cargo aircraft charter?
The Cargo Aviation industry has the same safety standards as commercial aviation. It is under regulation and supervision of the FAA and EASA, the same federal agency that regulates commercial aviation.
What happens if a member fails to pay the cost of certain services for membership?
In case of failure to make the payments, Cargofeeder shall suspend the services. The services shall not be made if a member has requested them but has not paid for them.
Will my private information that I provide for membership be retained after termination of my membership?
The private information you provide for membership shall not be revealed to third persons or agencies during membership and after the termination of membership.
What can I do about members who have negative or unacceptable behaviour?
If you think that a member who is in a position of an attitude contrary to the rules of the platform. (messages as abuse, insulting behaviour, banned ad entrance, denigration of ads, etc.) Please inform us.
My user password has been stolen. Can I claim responsibility of cargofeeder.com?
No. According to the membership agreement, the members are solely responsible to protect their user names and passwords. Furthermore, they are responsible for any possible damages (disturbance to other members using the stolen user name, forgery, commercial fraud, disinformation, etc.) to other members and Cargofeeder due to stolen user names and passwords.

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